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Openline raises $2.1m pre-seed for open source customer data platform

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Matt Brown

June 10th, 2022 - Openline, the open source customer data platform company, today announced $2.1m in funding to eliminate customer data sprawl. 

The company's pre-seed round saw institutional participation from Seedcamp, Y Combinator, Cocoa, and Crane.  38 prominent angel investors and startup founders also contributed to the round.  The funding will be used to continue product build-out and community development around the Openline open source project.

Openline's mission is to become the default customer data platform for developers and tech-savvy businesses.  Their customerOS platform let's developers obtain a complete 360-degree view of their customers, and leverage that data to build richer, more meaningful customer experiences.  Openline integrates with existing data warehouse solutions to bring customer data out of "cold storage" in a way that's accessible to 3rd party applications.

Matt Brown, co-founder and CEO at Openline said, "imagine a world where before jumping on a sales call, you knew all the content your prospect has consumed.  Even better, you had metrics that showed what did or did not resonate with them.

Or a world where your customer success team has full context of a customer request as soon as the message comes in.  This could include a complete history of all the previous conversations the customer has had with your company, or a list of knowledge base articles they visited prior to asking for help.  When developers have a complete view of your customer relationship, they can build personalized experiences that are massively differentiated from their competitors."

Vasi Coscotin, co-founder and CTO at Openline said, "if you think about the history of Enterprise software, it all used to be centralized.  All your customer data lived on a central ERP database.  All your applications talked to a single database.  With the proliferation of SaaS we've seen everything decouple.  Marketing data lives across multiple marketing tools.  Support data lives across multiple support tools.  I've spent years trying to patch 15, 20 different SaaS applications together in an attempt to get a comprehensive view of my customers.  The best solution we have today is the data warehouse, but that data is in cold storage--it's not actually usable by developers building live, transactional applications.

We believe that if you look 10 years out, the future of Enterprise SaaS is going to look more like the architecture of web3--centralized data layer with standardized frameworks that allow for decentralized apps to be built on top.  The Openline customerOS is that centralized, transactional data layer, and it's open source to give businesses complete control over their data."

Openline is currently in private Beta through the end of 2022.  You can request early access by joining their wait list.

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