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Uninstalling customerOS

The Openline CLI allows you to uninstall customerOS with three degrees of granularity:

  • Uninstall all Openline services
  • Uninstall all customerOS services
  • Uninstall a specific customerOS service

Uninstall all Openline services​

To uninstall all Openline services and tear down the local development server, run:

openline dev rm --all
openline dev stop

Uninstall all customerOS services​

To uninstall all services specific to the customerOS product, run:

openline dev rm customer-os

Uninstall a specific customerOS service​

If you'd like to uninstall a specific customerOS service, you can do that by running:

openline dev rm <service-name>

For example, if you ran:

openline dev rm message-store-api

The Message Store API would be removed from the development server without touching any of the other customerOS services.

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How can we help?