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work in progress

We're busy building, and this is one of those things that is a work in progress!

The team at Openline believes that talent is equally distributed across the globe, and as such, in order to attract the best talent we need to be remote. That's why even in the first few months of work, Openline was already spread across 4 countries.

However remote working isn't all rainbows, it requires a specific style of working - asynchronous to be exact - in order to be successful. This means that we have to communicate through written methods as much as possible, and kill as many meetings as humanly possible without materially slowing us down from acheiving our goals.

How we do it​

  1. Written memos first, Slacks second, meetings last.
    • Essentially, if it's not written down, it didn't happen.
  2. Public channels first
    • If our community doesn't understand why we made a certain decision, how will a new starter be able to just get it and hit the ground running?
  3. Don't rely on others to decide things unless it's bigger than you feel comfortable with, or outside of your domain.
    • We are small and we move fast, that means you are empowered to be the expert of your domain. To make you feel even better, a hard decision made quickly will get us to where we want to go faster 9 times out of 10, rather than deliberating for days until the committee has worked it out for you.
  4. Ask questions and document the answers!
    • If you don't understand, that means that it hasn't been well documented and that we should aim to collect the lost knowledge and document it both for the community and ourselves.
  5. Private channels should never exist.
    • Don't hide information away that could be helpful in the future. Own your decisions and conversations.

Work in public​

Openline is an Open Source company, this means everything we do that relates to our product should be public. However there is information that cannot (for legal and/or confidentiality reasons) share publicly. This breaks down into the following categories:

  • Public
  • Internal
  • Confidential

Types of communication​

Github Issue​

To be completed

Github Pull Request​

To be completed


To be completed

Google Doc/Sheet​

To be completed


To be completed


To be completed

Internal Meeting​

To be completed


To be completed

How can we help?
How can we help?